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Shri S.R. Kanthi Arts, Commerce, Science and B.C.A College, Mudhol was established in 1982 to impart higher education to the students in this area. Mudhol is the birth place of popular poet ‘Mahakavi Ranna’.

    The Library and Information Center stands as the heart and brain of our college, a hub of knowledge and learning that supports the academic pursuits of students and faculty alike. This expansive facility, measuring 120 feet in length and 40 feet in width (445.93 square meters), offers seating for up to 150 students, providing a conducive environment for study and research.

Collections and Resources
The library boasts an impressive collection of 48,127 volumes and 14,897 unique titles, collectively valued at Rs 53,15,667.41. This rich repository of knowledge is complemented by 138 Dictionaries, 302 Encyclopedias, 297 CDs and DVDs, and a variety of bound volumes in different series (337, 335, and 386 respectively). These resources ensure that students have access to a vast array of information across multiple disciplines.

Automation and Digital Access
Our library is fully automated, utilizing the LAN-based E-Lib iNXT Software to streamline its operations. This advanced system supports various functions, including the processing of new materials, membership management, circulation of periodicals, and Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). Through Web OPAC, users can access a complete bibliographical record of the library's collection, enhancing the ease of finding and utilizing resources.

Periodicals and Digital Subscriptions
The library subscribes to approximately 40 journals and periodicals, as well as 13 newspapers in both Kannada and English languages. Additionally, through the INFLIBNET consortium, students and faculty have access to over 6,000 online journals and 1,64,300+ e-books. This extensive digital collection ensures that our academic community can stay updated with the latest research and developments in their fields.

Enhanced Library Services
To facilitate efficient library services, barcode labeling has been implemented for all books, journals, and student ID cards, enabling laser scanning for quick issue and return of materials. The library also offers a smart card system and conducts regular stock examinations. A separate reading hall is available for female students, ensuring a comfortable and secure study environment.

Special Programs and Facilities
The library extends additional support through a book bank facility, catering specifically to economically disadvantaged, sports, and meritorious students. Throughout the year, the library organizes various events such as book exhibitions, book talk programs, and quizzes for students. Regular orientation sessions are held for newcomers, and the best user award is presented to recognize exemplary library use.

ICT and Digital Amenities
Our library is rich in ICT facilities, featuring a dedicated website and a Network Resource Center & Digital Library equipped with 20 computers (10 for boys and 10 for girls). A digital movement register is used to monitor user activity, and CCTV cameras are installed for enhanced security.
Moreover, the library provides a mobile application called LIBINFO. This app allows users to access the library database from anywhere, providing information on book transaction history, current book details, past 10 years' question papers, institutional repository, e-notes, and notifications about newly available books etc.. 

The Library and Information Center is a pivotal component of our college, fostering an environment of intellectual growth and academic excellence. With its vast collection, advanced automation, extensive digital resources, and supportive services, it stands as a beacon of knowledge and learning for our entire academic community.

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Mr. Chiranjeevi L M

M.L.I.Sc., N.E.T., K-S.E.T., P.G.D.L.A.N., (Ph.D)

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